Loss Prevention & Safety Consulting

Build A
Safety Culture

At Construction Risk Partners, we combine our knowledge of the risks at hand, understanding of project team challenges and corporate expectations to bring our clients a rounded approach managing safety on their projects. Our goal is to be client-focused and partner with the right people in the organization to build a stronger organization and safety culture to strengthen performance, brand and reputation.

Onsite Safety & Program Reviews

Every CRP client will be offered an initial onsite safety assessment and cursory program review. Working with the client team and the carrier, we identify areas that are safety critical and we perform numerous assessments before providing a potential solution. Our goal is to go beyond the basic “site walkthrough” to provide meaningful and impactful solutions to change how safety is managed on projects. We use a systematic approach when conducting hazard assessments and identifying opportunities for work practice, administrative and/or engineering controls to mitigate or eliminate worker exposure to the hazard, and successful task execution.

Corporate Strategy & Solution

At some point, most construction companies will find themselves in need of outside support. At the request of the client, we listen to senior management to understand the underlying concerns that are inhibiting the company or project to perform at a peak level. Working with all levels of employees throughout the company, we diagnose current safety performance challenges and then go to work with your team to collect information and data that is contributing to the underlying issues. Once this phase is completed, CRP will offer a strategy with solutions to help your company meet your short- or long-term goals and objectives.

Client-Focused Safety Consulting

Throughout the years, CRP has recognized there may come a time when companies have a need for advanced safety support. As clients face new requests and challenges, our team can support your organization on various issues such as safety pre-qualification, focused OCIP/CCIP support, regulatory interpretation and support, post incident support, industrial hygiene, program and process development, and much more.