Captive Insurance Strategies

Manage Risk & Achieve
Financial Objectives

The use of Captive Insurance Companies can be a very effective strategy to assist contractors in achieving their financial and risk management goals. The benefits of captives vary based on the needs of each individual client, some of the potential benefits are listed below.


Captives are not simple. Developing a strategy that helps companies address their construction risk management exposures and achieve their financial objectives requires the right combination of captive management, risk management, actuarial, accounting and legal skill.

Improved Net Income

Tax Deferment

Insulation from Market Volatility

Transparency of Risk Management Performance

Underwriting Flexibility and Creativity

Wealth Transfer

Key Employee Retention

Proven Track Record

CRP has a strong track record of helping clients utilize both Single-Parent Captives and Group Captives as a means to support their operational objectives.

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