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Construction Risk Partners is the preeminent surety credit broker and risk consultant in the United States. We leverage thought leadership, construction finance experience and integrity in the best interests of all parties within the contractor-surety relationship.

Construction Risk Partners...

We anticipate your needs and assist in the establishment of a collaborative strategy to optimize our client’s surety capacity. Our team approach is successful for our clients’, many of whom we’ve served for decades.

Maximize surety programs with the most favorable terms and conditions available in the marketplace.

Maintain outstanding relationships with top tier surety companies at both the local and national levels.

Foster a strong relationship between our clients and their surety partners.

Actively Support all major construction industry associations.

Assist our clients’ networking opportunities.

Construction Risk Partners expends tremendous energy and effort to learn the specifics of a contracting organization’s financial guidance, operating capability and strategic plan. We extend our effort to build relationships with all key personnel and to know and understand each contracting organization’s differentiators in their marketplace. This detailed and passionate learning process, born from a love of the construction industry, makes Construction Risk Partners a valuable asset to our clients and places us in the very best position to effectively advocate different and better surety credit terms.

Whether it’s a large project opportunity or negotiating increased bonding capacity, Construction Risk Partners is the firm to help you navigate the surety landscape. There are challenges and risks present in any market and a skilled surety expert is always preparing you for what lies ahead. It is this focus that allows Construction Risk Partners to ensure you have a surety program that supports your business plan today and into the future. We’re eager to help contribute to your continued success.