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International Cross Industry Safety Conference

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International Cross-Industry Safety Conference

By Ray Master
November 11, 2016

On November 3-4, Ray Master gave a presentation on behalf of CRP at the International Cross-Industry Safety Conference in Amsterdam. The conference, the 1st annual, was created to address both practical and theoretical aspects of safety and designed to create a platform to disseminate and share knowledge and experience about safety within and between industry and academia. Ray’s presentation, Dressed to Kill: The 130 Liberty Street/Deutsche Bank Fire – Lessons Learned in Complexity, Leadership and Performance was a real world case study in how the indicators of failure can be incubated inside of an organization and ultimately lead to disaster. The presentation was very well received. The conference host, The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, focuses real world applications of research theory.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Ray Master at Construction Risk Partners.