At Construction Risk Partners, we have the capabilities to solve the most complex insurance problems. Whether for a project or portfolio, a contractor, architect or owner, we have the experience, clout and creativity to develop solutions that meet or exceed your needs.


Specializing in Contractor’s exposures, we negotiate and place core and project specific General and Umbrella Liability, Business Automobile Liability and Worker’s Compensation policies with the broadest possible terms and conditions. We expertly match the insurance placements to the exposures facing our clients. We carefully review job specifications on a daily basis for both public and private sector projects. We understand the unique enhancements that must be made to a standard insurance policy to fulfill our client’s contractual and insurance / risk management needs. Construction Risk Partners has the agility and creativity to design programs with our insurer partners for the purposes of addressing emerging exposures in the P3 arena and arranging for financially lucrative Captive Insurance Programs.

We are also expert in negotiating manuscript language allowing for the broadest protection and the protection of our client’s bottom line. Loss exposures facing contractors are increasingly complex. Construction companies confront increased and protracted litigation, skyrocketing settlements, ever changing legal landscapes and unique insurance requirements. The partners and employees of Construction Risk Partners continually stay on top of this environment so we can minimize the impacts of availability and pricing of Casualty coverages and limit requirements and overall changes in the contractor’s jurisdiction.

Property / Builder’s Risk Insurance

Understanding the nature of the contractor’s operations from both the main office or fabrication plants as well as on projects with unique construction features, occupancy, protection and exposure (aka COPE) is critical to the success of any contractors’ insurance program. Each phase of a project brings new exposures. We know the nuances of construction and the nuances of the applicable coverage.

Builders Risk insurance policies in particular may contain hidden limitations that need to be addressed and removed where possible. We recognize the need to compare and contrast our insurance carrier policy forms to ensure the broadest protection is placed at the best possible price while projects are under construction. From the duration of the project to the location to the nature of the construction itself, each aspect of the exposure needs to be carefully evaluated with the correct coverage placed.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance extends beyond traditional architectural and engineering firms. Construction firms today need to have a sound understanding of professional risk and the ways to manage and finance that risk. Whether it’s vicarious professional liability from subcontracting design, responding to performance specifications under contract, or merely offering construction expertise during constructability reviews, construction firms are increasingly exposed to professional liability. At Construction Risk Partners, we work with the professional liability experts who have construction, legal and insurance related expertise to effectively manage this risk.

Environmental Liability

Environmental Liability Insurance is now an integral part of any construction firm’s insurance portfolio. At Construction Risk Partners, we understand evolving risk such as environmental liability. Whether it’s a contractor’s job site operations, transportation or materials, disposal practices or owned properties, construction firms face unique environmental risks that need specific and technical attention. Construction Risk Partners has created a team of insurance and environmental specialists to ensure our contractors’ environmental risk is minimized or eliminated altogether. Our clients get state-of-the-art environmental insurance programs.

By creating solution based, cost-effective environmental risk management programs our clients benefit from a superior product and industry leading service.

Financial Lines

Financial line coverages are instrumental in developing a comprehensive insurance program. Knowing our clients’ business, their history and their future direction enables Construction Risk Partners to focus on the key exposure areas and make recommendations for insuring the key members of our clients’ organizations and the company as a whole.

  • Management Liability encompasses the ever evolving area of employment practices, management decision making as well as covering those in a position of trust and responsible for a host of employer sponsored plans.
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance protects from the legal liability arising from alleged failure to act prudently as an owner or officer from suits arising from their fiduciary interest as trustees who make decisions about 401(k) plans or other qualified employee benefit plans.
  • Crime Insurance comes in many forms; employee dishonesty, funds transfer fraud, computer fraud, extortion, forgery or alteration, premises theft and burglary, securities as well as theft, disappearance and destruction. Our intellectual property world grows daily. Our client needs are evaluated to ensure proper coverage is in force.
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability provides financial protection of the directors and officers of your company and the company itself, in the event they are sued in conjunction with the performance of their duties as they relate to the company.
  • Cyber Liability is a fast paced evolving area of risk that even construction companies do not escape.

Other Insurance

Owner’s insurance specifications often call for peripheral coverage (those outside the contractor’s traditional insurance program).

Some examples include:

  • Project Specific policies
  • Owner’s and Contractor’s Protective Liability
  • Railroad Protective Liability
  • Installation Floater policies
  • Protection and Indemnity / Hull
  • Aircraft

Construction Risk Partners understands these unique coverage requirements and maintains strong relationships with our partner underwriters covering these specialty areas. A number of our contractors are now entering into the international marketplace. Construction Risk Partners structures International programs to dovetail with the contractor’s traditional stateside programs. Construction Risk Partners has the expertise to evaluate your balance sheet, personnel and contractual exposures to design cost effective, comprehensive insurance solutions that protect your bottom line.

Employee Benefits

To recruit and retain the very best employees, many clients offer a competitive employee benefits package with affordable health insurance and a 401(k) plan at minimum. Construction Risk Partners provides employee benefits management services customized to meet your needs. We know and understand the legislation and, more importantly, can help you comply with the various new laws and assist you in taking advantage of incentives and tax credits associated with this legislation.

Personal Lines

Construction Risk Partners offers a full range of personal lines insurance coverages for your peace of mind. Homeowners, including primary and secondary residences, automobile, recreational vehicles, personal umbrellas, watercraft, and other coverages are designed to meet the individual needs of you and your family.

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