​Utility & Transportation Contractors Association 51st Anniversary Convention

05 October 2016

The UTCA celebrated their 51st Anniversary Convention September 29-October 2, 2016 at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Construction Risk Partners has been an active and influential member of the UTCA for the past ten years. The Construction Risk Partners along with their original partnership formally of Marquis & Associates have been members since 1984.been active for over thirty years. Construction Risk Partners hosts the annual Saturday morning prize drawing. Jay Sciortino is the head of claims for Construction Risk Partners, and has been very active with the UTCA since 1992 and sits on the board of the Safety Committee. Well known to many of the members, Jay has been instrumental in helping to expand the attendance at the annual safety meeting by sponsoring great guest speakers. As a result, the attendance at this annual event has increased significantly.

For more information on the UTCA, please go to www.utcanj.org .

Pictured (left to right): Curtis Kappauf , Rob Pitts, Gary Rispoli, William Harrison, Bill Linney and Jay Sciortino

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