Pete Forenza

Pete Forenza is a leader in the field of construction risk management. He combines excellent technical knowledge with great people skills. Pete has the unique ability to create a strong sense of team between clients, carriers and internal stakeholders.

He has designed and managed some of the largest and most complex wrap-ups in the industry for school districts with billion dollar construction budgets, global pharmaceuticals companies and some of the most prominent developer’s and contractors in the country.

Having joined in 1988, he was Chief Operating Officer of Marquis and Associates when Willis purchased the company in 1997. He was rapidly promoted to CEO of the newly formed Metro Construction office, comprised of the New Jersey operation, the New York operation and the commercial and contract surety teams.

Pete had previously held various positions at Aetna Casualty and Surety ranging from casualty underwriter, marketing representative, to underwriting supervisor. This experience was the foundation for Pete’s understanding of how to properly interact with insurance carriers and how to represent clients in the marketplace.